By using YAH you contribute to the development and maintenance of Jamaica.

Every month we will send the equivalence of TEN THOUSAND YAH to a non-profit organization aimed at the betterment of Jamaica in any shape or form. As a holder of YAH you determine which charity. And by holding it, you are protected against the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, which lost more than 60% of its value against the US dollar in recent years.


JamaiCoin (YAH) is a token on the Ethereum blockchain that presents itself as an inflation-proof alternative to the Jamaican Dollar. It can be transferred on the blockchain, this means: fast, cheap and without the need for intermediaries such as banks or financial companies, and no one can confiscate or block them. It's like traveler's checks but on the blockchain. At the same time, the supply of YAH tokens will never be inflated and is set from the start. Integrated into several payments apps, it will allow you to send money all over the world within seconds.

What makes YAH unique

What makes YAH amazing? As per Q1 2020 every month we will donate 10000 (TEN THOUSAND) times the monthly close (the price of YAH at the last day of the month at 12 AM) in USD to a community selected (Not for Profit) charity for the benefit of Jamaica. The list of charities will be open for voting, where your voteweight depends on the amount of YAH in your wallet. Example: YAH trades at $2 at the end of the month, we will donate $20,000 to charity.


Technically JamaiCoin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and it is already supported in almost all Ethereum wallets software, such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, MEW, Mist etc. YAH is managed by smart contract: 0xc2856...


To stay true to the spirit of trustless money, we will not sell YAH ourselves. If you want to buy YAH you can do so on the following exchanges: Bamboo Relay, McAfeeDex, SwitchDex, UniSwap, EtherDelta and ForkDelta.

Forecasted Usage

Our simulations, testnet and polls have revealed what our users would use YAH for. This way we can make sure to improve features that actually benefit the daily YAH user.

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Loans and financial aid


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An average of 10 YAH per Jamaican. This max supply is fixed. No mining (=pollution).